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Transparency is very important to us at Space Lama. We have therefore applied for the 'Initiative Transparent Civil Society' and hope for certification soon.

We would like to give our donors, supporters and everyone interested in the Space Lama and the PREDA Foundation regular account of our work and will publish an annual report annually .


1. Name, seat, address and year of establishment

  • Space Lama eV
    Zweibrücker Strasse 9
    Homburg 66424 Germany
    founded in 2020


2. Complete articles of association as well as information on the goals of our organization


3. Tax number and tax office


4. Annual report

  • 2020 work in progress


5. Membership structure (as of January 2020)

  • Germany:
    7 volunteers
    1 board


6. Partner structure


7. Information on the origin and use of funds

  • We will publish details of income and expenditure once a year in the annual report.


8. People with high benefits (over 10% of annual income)

  • not given



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