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12 years old

Date of birth: November 8, 2007

Place of birth: Pasig City, Metro Manila

Religion: Islam

4th grade



Jamil is the oldest of three children - he has a nine-year-old brother and a six-year-old sister. His parents live separately, Jamil and his siblings grew up with their mother. His mother and partner are addicted to drugs and also sell drugs themselves. The mother's significant other even gave Jamil drugs that made him addicted himself.

Jamil's mother was arrested for drug possession during a raid and was imprisoned until 2017. After her release, she began using drugs again.

Jamil was unable to enjoy adequate upbringing due to her mother and significant other's drug addiction. He felt neglected and made friends with street children. Much of the time, they lived on the streets, begging, and starting to sniff solvents themselves in order to forget their worries. Her own drug consumption also forced her to steal at some point.

Jamil and the other boys were eventually arrested and detained in a juvenile detention center. There he was mentally and physically abused by the guards, and the boys were often withheld from food.

After months in these inhumane conditions, Preda found out about it and released Jamil from prison through a cover letter and bureaucratic efforts.

He was brought to Preda where he is happy and free now, learning karate, playing basketball, dancing and starting to study again. Only two weeks after the rescue, he stands out for his intelligence, alertness and cunning and plays an active role in his new family. He is a real success story for Space Lama


Shay Cullen's original report here linked

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