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Space Lama - what is it anyway?

You have followed the path of the lama and have now arrived here. First of all, the entire Space Lama team thanks you, the attentive tracker you are. The tracks may have seemed mysterious to you at first and you wonder if it was worth following them so far, but now you find the answer - one that you might not have expected ...

The Space Lama as a symbol

Perhaps you are surprised that a peaceful being like the Lama means struggle for us - fight against violence, fight against injustice, fight for children from Manila, who are imprisoned and abused, are forgotten by almost everyone. An injustice that cannot be tackled at all. With the Space Lama we have created a being that stands above everything - one that is not deterred by obstacles and together with him we tackle it.

Is that my business?

You are also there, who does not accept that adolescents will be wiped out of any future and their childhood is like a never-ending nightmare. In addition to the physical damage they suffer, the psychological damage often extends to the rest of their lives. The issue of injustice to children will hopefully trigger the same disgust and anger in you as in us. Now it is finally time to counteract this injustice with concentrated strength.

With every cent that goes into our project, we free young people from their prisons and help them learn how they deserve to be just children.

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