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September 26, 2020



Jesela's birth parents left her when she was just four years old, which is why she grew up with a childless couple in the same village. At the age of 12 she was the victim of sexual abuse by a neighbor. When she was 15 she moved in with her adoptive cousins ​​and worked there as a domestic help. The two cousins ​​ran a trafficking group that sold children for the sexual pleasures of foreign men and sex tourists. The women abused Jesela mentally and physically, at the same time the girl was dependent on both - also financially - which is why she stayed with them out of fear. Over the next few years, Jesela was sold several times through the prostitution ring, severely abused and sexually abused. The extent of what Jesela had to experience is unimaginable. In September 2020, her suffering was so great that she decided to flee and found refuge with her second adoptive mother. From there Preda learned of Jesela's fate and the social workers brought her under the protection of the Preda Foundation. Jesela now lives there in safety from the human traffickers and can recover from her torments. Preda is now trying to locate the women who run the prostitution ring and hold them accountable.


Shay Cullen's original report is here linked

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