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Who are we?

A group of young people who have decided not to look the other way anymore, but to concretely counter the injustice and disrespect in this world. What could be more motivating than the suffering of children ...

What do we want?

We want to help children who find themselves in miserable living conditions that we Western Europeans can hardly imagine. Children cannot choose which family and life circumstances they are born into and where they will grow up. All children are dependent on their parents, their environment, social and economic circumstances. The conditions under which a child grows up is often a matter of luck. We are active in changing that for as many children as possible.

Where does the drive and the idea come from?

We support the PREDA Foundation , which was founded in 1974 by Father Shay Cullen , a priest from Ireland, among others, who has made the rescue and protection of abused children in the Philippines and the identification of criminals and operators of sex bars with underage prostitutes his life's work Has. For decades, PREDA has been committed to putting an end to child prostitution and child abuse, which has become a normal part of everyday life in many regions of the Philippines. In addition, PREDA has built therapy centers and children's homes to offer the children accommodation or a home.

In particular, we want to help the children who have no choice, are helpless and alone, are being deported by their families, wandering homelessly and aimlessly through the streets of Manila, Olongapo or Angeles City in poverty without social support and who in numerous cases are victims of child abuse .

But some are also sent to prisons because there are no children's homes in the Philippines and the prisons are used as catchment basins in which the children are cooped up in group rows and usually have to sleep on the floor. Sexual assaults are also common in these prisons as boys and girls of all ages are locked up together.

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